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NMEA Stream stop when internet connection gets lost
Hi, I just drove my boat into winter stock. It took 4 days, up the river Elbe and Moldau, from Germany to Czech Republic. On the voyage, there are areas with bad or without internet coverage.

I use a huawei Stick, which is recognized as eth1, so eth1 is the device for internet sharing in the wifi ap tab.

The stick has a LED, that shows light blue, if there is 3G Connection, dark blue if EDGE, and green if only GSM available.

Everey time the LED went green, the NMEA stream dropped, and did not came back even when the LED was blue again.

The Node Red Dashboard worked and showed temeperatures without any interruption. But the NMEA stream with the Position / AIS was empty.

KPLEX restart did not restore the funktionality in most cases. Only a hard reset of the Raspberry brought it back to work.

What can that be?

Greetings from Dresden! Smile

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