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Signal K not starting stops openplotter 0.16 running

I'm running on a Pi3 headless using XRDP. Updated to version 10 OK and all working. Ran update to latest beta v16

When I rebooted and get the Starting OpenPlotter dialog box it fails to start Signal K. It does report that Openplotter is at v0.16. Trying to start Openplotter then fails because SignalK is not running.

As a relative newcomer to Rasbian/PI3 I would like some advice as where to start looking. Is there a log file I can check to see why SignalK doesn't start?

I've tried the SignalK diagnostic program, but it appears to do nothing.

Thanks in advance
I don't know why but in some regions the update doesn't work for signalk. Reinstall SignalK. Look at:
Thanks for that - problem sorted

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