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Rudder position
Great project!

One question though: how do you get actual rudder position? I don't see any sensor or encoder that would return actual value... 

The error in integrating the relative rudder movement is a very small part of the total error in maintaining course. I have good results without any rudder feedback.

I have plans to incorporate optional rudder feedback in the future to possibly improve self-learning, but again, it is not really needed.
I see, thanks.
Is there some awareness of when the rudder is at its limits? Perhaps feedback from the motor controller?
The current in amps is measured, and the controller cuts power above a threshold. This appears to work fine for the drive units I have, but if there is enough momentum, and not enough padding, it might not be sufficient.

The controller also has (optional) pins for momentary switches (or reed switches) These prevent additional travel in each direction.

rudder feedback can eventually also prevent end of travel but is not fully implemented yet.

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