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Introducing CAN-USB Stick
Hi all, I upgraded to OP13.1 alpha and loaded N2K log file, as described by Mats blog.
Position is working with log, but Speed through water (STW) and True Wind velocity and direction don't (might be related).

I tried back on boat with CAN-USB v2, but still no luck. em-trak B100 AIS transceiver sends N2K SRC #43 PGN #129025 with position information, but I think I'm missing lots of detail information from the transceiver like sat count, position accuracy and things like that. Might have to ask em-trak for further help.

Seems like I found the evil in the em-trak B100 AIS. It only sends out position information and COG SOG, supposedly too much computational demand for the unit, so software update won't help. This also prevents my Raymarine a67 MFD to accept it as a GNSS source. Still wondering why it can't be converted to NMEA0183, as the data is in SignalK. Might try with NMEA0183 generator manually next time.

In SignalK 2 NMEA0183 converter, it's the navigation.datetime field that's missing for constructing RMC sentence and reason why I can't get a position in OpenCPN. Might try to use system time if navigation.datetime is unavailable (https://github.com/SignalK/signalk-to-nm...ex.js#L168)

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