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[SOLVED] Updater Quirk
If you watch the Log from the Updater (.16 to .17) you will see an Error:
cant cp aisdecoder because it is locked or busy.

So this binary will never be updated.

Before Updating, the Background AIS Processes should be disabled. (Unckec the ENABLE Button)

Maybe better the Updater should check for any open Processes himself, like it does for Node-Red.

PS: are there Timeouts for the Question "Update Node-Red) y/N"? & for the Reboot at the End?
Anybody using Headless could be waiting forever for the Raspi to get ready. 

Keep on your excellent Work in twentyeighteen.
It has been solved on next version killing aisdecoder before reinstalling.

Yes update node-red has a timeout.

We have added a timeout at the end of update process as you suggested.


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