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remote desktop crashing with compass calibration
I am running OP 0.17 on a rpi 3 B with the rpi 7" touch screen. This has been giving me problems with accessing parts of some of the pop up screens due to the screen resolution. I have found I can work on most everything by using my win10 tablet and remote in with a sesman Xvnc connection. However, when I try to calibrate the compass the connection drops as the calibration screen comes up. Any ideas?

i brought this up allready but i didn't try the workaround could you give it a try and report back..
Thank you. I read the other thread and solved my problem by changing the rpi touchscreen resolution.

If you don't like the default resolution, you can change it in config.txt (sudo nano /boot/config.txt) from

or any other resolution (it could be that a monitor isn't able to sync the resolution, but we are talking about headless mode)

This allowed the popup box to display properly so I could access all of the buttons and do the calibration. Thanks

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