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MPU 9255 change address
Hello, everyone,
I have connected two modules to my op system via I2C. 
GY-87 and a Mpu 9255. Both have the same address. Is it possible to change an address?(I don't understand the data sheets)
Or should I change my mind. 
Connecting mpu9255 via SPI?
Buy the sensors individually (air pressure and temperature) 

I only wanted to keep the GY because of air pressure and temperature. 
Greetings Jürgen

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PN bitte auf deutsch.  Big Grin
GY87 (MPU6050) can be changed from 0x68 to 0x69 when disonnecting AD0 from GND and connecting to 3.3 V.
link http://forum.arduino.cc/index.php?topic=387149.0
Quoting the data sheet

Quote:The slave address of the MPU-9255 is b110100X which is 7 bits long. The LSB bit of the 7 bit address is determined by the logic level on pin AD0. This allows two MPU-9255s to be connected to the same I2C bus. When used in this configuration, the address of the one of the devices should be b1101000 (pin AD0 is logic low) and the address of the other should be b1101001 (pin AD0 is logic high).

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