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[SOLVED]Dropdown boxes for mqtt do not update in OP 0.17
I did a fresh install,new SD card, Noobs 0.10 updated to 0.17.
Connected GPS and sensors, all recognized.
After adding user and password in mqtt tab, added topics for sensors and set an trigger in action tab.
When trying to add actions for the trigger the publish on topic XXX does not appear in the dropdown box.
Same when trying to add a topic for navigation data from gps in mqtt tab, no navigation data assupplied by GPS shows up in dropdown box for signal K key.

In other system, which was updated in several steps during this year all is fine.

Any ideas?
I had the same problem. When switching back to english language, the dropdown fields where accessible again.
Seems to be a translation bug.
Ok, that did the trick, thanks

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