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unable to add 1W sensor
OP 0.17

Unable to add 1W sensor. More specifically I am unable to configure a Signal K key in the "Add 1W temperature sensor" dialogue. 

Clicking the "Edit" button appears to do nothing. 

There is a 1W sensor present in the Sensor ID list box.

Any ideas anybody?
Just wondering if there is anybody from the knowledgeable community reading this forum anymore?

I know this might be trivia for you, but it has me stuck. I am wanting to test and develop some more hardware has me foxed. A clue anybody? Does anybody have 1W sensors working in the latest update?

I don't actually have my 1W sensors directly attached to my Pi (My 1W sensors are connected to ESP8226 Wireless senders instead) however I did just try to add a 1W in OP (0.17Beta) and it seemed to work OK for me. I was able to open the SignalK Key assignment dialogue box by clicking "edit" and it did give me a list of available SK keys. As I said, I couldn't take it much further as I dont have any 1W sensors attached.

I think your problem is symptomatic of a more general problem in 0.17 which hopefully Sailoog and the developer team are aware of. I say that because I've reported (as a "me too" post) a similar problem with the SPI tab. I cannot edit the SPI device (MCP3008) properties defined in the SPI tab. In the end I removed it by directly editing openplotter.conf however the problem still persists in the OP GUI.

Sorry this doesnt resolve your problem however you are not alone ...

unable to reproduce "BUG" for 1wire.. it works for me .
spi i gave up and removed MCP3008..
ordered ADS1115

change the language setting to English and try again.

I had similar problems in the German language.

Greetings Jürgen
Angel  Entschuldigung für mein Englisch. Es ist "google english"
PN bitte auf deutsch.  Big Grin

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