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Output NMEA position from OP to VHF Navicom RT-450 DCS
Hi everyone,

I want to get GPS signal on my VHF.

I did the folwoing steps but it's not working

1 - i am using the usb NMEA 0183 to USB converter like the one here .
2 - I think i have been able set properly in OP because when i check in the NMEA tab of OP, and i do a diagnostic on my serial device the nmea sentence (GGA) is diplayed. Further the red led on the converter is blinking. I have checked also with a multimeter on the device : i get 5V (alternatively)

but the VHF does not get the position
So i think the problem is probably because of the conection. the documentation of the VHF is here page 10. (sorry it's in french...).
But the doc is not clear it seams ther is a mistake in the pin position and correponding color.
So, i did 2 tests 

here is what i did :

test 1

RT 450 Yellow (+) pin5 <=> USB converter T+

RT 450 Green (-) pin 4  <=> USB converter T-

test 2
RT 450 white (+) pin3 <=> USB converter T+

RT 450 Green (-) pin 4 <=> USB converter T-

I don't get any result.

The converter is RS485 and i think the input of the radio too, becaus the previous owner have plugged a garmin etrx rs232 on the VHF thanks to a converter.

Any idea ?

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