Full Version: Rpi wifi as Access Point and Client
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The wifi of the Raspberry Pi 3 (in particular) has the capability of being set up both as an Access Point and a Client simultaneously.  This is useful because you can use the AP feature to connect to other data sources on the boat and still have a connection to an internet provider at dock (or anchor if available).  Can you modify the wifi setup in OpenPlotter to enable this mode of operation?  I don't believe this is the case currently (but I will go back and check again)
Sounds good, do you have any settings example?
I am running two systems (SD cards) one has a stand alone SignalK Node Server, the other is running OpenPlotter.  Both have the latest stable configurations.  I am in the process of trying to implement this on the stand alone system, but I need to backup my system first.  Or I may try it on a new card.

I have seen two examples of being able to do this.

this is the other example (it claims you need to upgrade to Stretch - which I have not done yet):