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Dear Gentlemen,

Thank you in advance for allowing me to pilfer your collected minds.

I have a Raspberry Pi 2 on which I have openplotter running circa last year but only so far as  to get my maps loaded unto open cpn.

I would now like to take some time getting this system up and running to at the very least have GPS input.

However, I do not know how to get my Garmin 18x USB Puck to interface with openplotter. The guidebook on github is a tad too nondescript for my level of ignorance as was the advice I got from Cruiser Forumn.

Kind Regards,

The unit seems rather old, have you seen this link?

It suggests that you need some Garmin software 
The device  looks like any NMEA GPS receiver though.

If it has no USB interface you'll need a USB to serial adapter to connect to OP.
if it has USB it should show up in OP as  device USBx or AMAx. (x= 0 or 1)
You may want to read up on how to set up serial ports in OP/Linux
The  manual does explain this in more detail.
Once the port is recognized by OP is a matter of determining the speed by trial and error ( 4800/9600/19200/38400 ) till you receive $GPS messages.
If this all sounds totally unfamiliar, you are up for a steep learning curve Smile

Kind Regards, Harry
Many thanks Harry,

As long as it keeps to a curve and doesn't loop back into a circle then its fine, at least that is what my old man used to say.

I shall learn about creating ports as a matter of urgency Smile

However, I have been considering supporting Sailoog and the development of Openplotter by buying some bits and bobs from their online shop. Would persisting with this current gps unit gain me any advantage over the cheap gps dongle they supply - in your opinion?

May I jump in?
Be careful with this unit, it is now 8 years old technology and obviously more power hungry than more resent GPS chips! This means you will definitely need a powered USB HUB in between as the rpi2 lacks juice for powering the puck. Academically you will have a nice learning experience but practically I would not bother and get the lowcost GPS stick from sailoog. It works, is affordable and gives a positive encouragement to the small OP development team.

so far my 2cent - hope you dont mind.
Many thanks for your input.

Just a pity they are out of stock at the moment. Will have to wait a bit, hopefully not too long.

(2016-05-23, 01:49 PM)nicolaasdekker Wrote: [ -> ]Many thanks for your input.

Just a pity they are out of stock at the moment. Will have to wait a bit, hopefully not too long.


Hello Nic,

More modern GPS receivers will be faster/more sensitive than a unit over 5 years old
Any recent GPS mouse that puts out NMEA with USB will work ( check the smallprint on the tin )
I am afraid you can't avoid messing with serial ports in OP though
Using a Ublox gps mouse  myself without problems even indoors.
If you are not much of an electronics geek best get a new one and go sailing.

Kind regards, Harry