Full Version: New documentation method?
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Quote:New documentation

We will rewrite docs to match different versions. Now translations are autonomous and we will not be a bottle neck.

Does it mean that the way to translate documentation isn't as it's said in "Guidelines to collaborate:"?

Thanks Smile

By the way, I've an account in Github (my user is Joinzar) although I don't know about using Github or Gitbook... But I can learn Big Grin
Hi otoio,

Thanks for your collaboration. I see that you are still translating v0.10.0 documentation:

this is the new documentation for v1.0.0:

We are not maintaining the old 0.10.0 image so I think it is not worth to keep working on its documentation.
I am so so sorry I have not edited this forum with the new index for the new docs.

Send me an email to and I will give you permissions to edit the new docs directly.

Euskal bertsio bat sortu nahi duzu?
OK, don't worry I've realised that you've been a bit busy  Big Grin

OK, I'm going to do, email and the new version. 

Bai, ez dakit zenbat denbora izango dudan, baina euskaratuko nuke, bai.
(euskaraz dakizu?) 
(yes, I'd translate into Basque, in spite of I don't know how much time can I have .. It isn't the same to translate documentation or program, but yes, I would.)

Have a nice rest, you need, sure...  Smile
Catalana naiz baina Bilbon bizi nintzen. Euskara ikasi dut baina dena ahaztu dut Smile