Full Version: Translating images
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Hi, guys.

How could I translate an image whose text is in English?

For example:
[Image: assets%2F-L9g5MoJ9GSCaNGq_yjb%2F-LCPrzzc...3d60d8b8e5]

I want to translate it to Spanish.
I'm not sure if I should insert a new image in the page in gitbook or if I should edit an image wich already exists...

(And I'm not sure if this way is an appropriate way to speak about this or I should use the contact form or email in, sorry)
Attached the source file. Open with LibreOffice.
(2018-06-05, 05:35 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]Attached the source file. Open with LibreOffice.

Ok, thanks Wink
Very interesting. Thanks