Full Version: filetransfer with x11vnc
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would like to use the file transfer facility of x11vnc to update charts, polars and Opencpn settings from my PC.

On the PC I run win10 and RealVNC.

In the default startup of VNC server within OP the file transfer is not enabled and I could not find where in which config file I could set this. So I started another x11vnc session and enabled the f/t option.
However when connecting from the PC the session shown that the option is not allowed.

Has anyone tried/solved this ?

Thanks for advise.
I use filezilla on a win7 laptop connected over wifi.

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Have you tried Menu>Internet>X11VNC Server?
Sudo apt-get install ftpd
This loads an ftp server.
I found it quicker to remove the microsim and dump the charts directly to the chart folder.
It saved having an ftp server chewing up cpu time for a rare use.
(2016-06-09, 10:08 AM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]Have you tried Menu>Internet>X11VNC Server?
yes, enabled transfer but without success