Full Version: Connect adafruit ultimate GPS
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I am maling an openplotter setup for a small sailboat. I am using a raspberry pi with various sensors, and everything was working easily and fine. I have a vk172 USB GPS wich is working fine for testing, but I want an external antenna as well. I bought a ultimate GPS, du cannot get it to work. I have tried two different ttl adapters. I get some info in the serial menu in openplotter, but no baud rate or info. The gps LED is flashing and showing a fix.

Anyone have some suggestions? I would really appreciate it!

Can I provide some more info to get some replies here? What would you need to know?
raspberry pi version
various sensors ?
version of openplotter
how its wired
i don't think you have to use a ttl adapter

Connecting the GPS module
Wiring it up is pretty simple:
Raspberry Pi - 5v -> GPS Module - VIN
Raspberry Pi - GND -> GPS Module - GND
Raspberry Pi - Tx -> GPS Module - Rx
Raspberry Pi - Rx -> GPS Module - Tx

Enable the UART can be changed if needed
i have one of these it works and has a usb connection and external antenna + a lot cheaper
I just got a signal now, but I can not get the GPS connection to show in opencpn now.

I get no connections there, but the vk172 is really easy to get working. Is this a known problem?

I will try to take some screenshots tomorrow.