Full Version: openplotter integration with victron multiplus
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hi all,

I'm interested in running venus software so that I can access "remote control" natively on a RPI running openplotter without having to run a separate machine with only VenusOS on it. so that I can have an overview window to control and see the CCGX controller.

it seems like I should be able to install all necessary packages and configure them to work on a pi running openplotter. I dont want to run a separate RPI with venusOS in order to use the functionality of that system. I'd like it to run on my openplotter pi.

is there anyone who has done this already? is this even possible?

I'm following this:

I'm unable to install vrmlogger. perhaps it has been moved by victron...
sudo apt-get install vrmlogger

they may need to update the doc.