Full Version: How to configure a LTE usb dongle for internet connection + SMS + VNC?
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With Openplotter 1.2 on RPi3 B + I have used so far a 4g Huawei E5377 router without problems, it is connected in usb and raspberry sees it as ethernet. I can remotely access with vnc by configuring the openplotter ports as virtual servers on the router.
Now I would like to use the data sim also for sending sms, so I thought to replace the router with a usb stick. My problems start here ...

I tried to run 3 different 4G keys without success:

Alcatel IK40V
I have tried very hard tests following several guides but if active usb-modeswitch at boot most of the times raspbian crashes

D-Link DWM-222
Configuring usb-modeswitch activates the serial port and also the network, then starting wvdial the connection remains inoperative.

Huawei E3372
Configure usb-modeswitch and the internet connection works but this dongle is seen as ethernet not as serial, so I do not think it is possible to make the sending of SMS work.
In addition, being seen as a router but without the possibility of setting up virtual servers, I do not see how it is possible to use remote access with VNC

I ask if anyone has a solution with one of these devices or anything else would be welcome, thank you!

PS I apologize for not good English
I managed to make the D-link DWM-222 work, just add the gateway manually with:
sudo route add default gw

The Huawei E3372 can also work in serial mode by following this guide:
also in this case the gateway must be added manually with:
sudo route add default gw

I still have to finish tests and checks and post more details.

I noticed however that openplotter does not show in the icon (or even in the configuration of network interfaces) the active network when it is ppp0
try sakis3g script?

gammu works for sms