Full Version: Solar panel monitor
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I have a victron smart solar with VEdirect to USB cable.  I found a script that is supposed to be used on the Raspberry but I am completely new to this system and cannot figure out how to integrate it.  I would like to use it for remote monitoring of battery state. There are several alternatives listed in Victron Open source page.
I am interested in this also -I have smart solar mppt and bmv712 battery monitor (which can use bluetooth) but using a direct cable to a MFD with openplotter would be excellent for many cases.

it tells how in the link you posted.

Use the Signal K app store or install via NPM in the Signal K server root directory: npm install @signalk/vedirect-serial-usb

Set up the appropiate device on the settings page of this plugin in the Signal K server admin UI, for instance to /dev/ttyUSB0 and enable the plugin. Your VE.Direct data will be available in Signal K format via various clients and apps.