Full Version: SignalK Node Server
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I want to move the signal k server port for web socket ONLY to port 80, reading the specs on github- it suggests that the ports may be set differently and independently.

Using the signal-k-setup script doesnt allow to alter ports indiviually, and the docs are sparse, none of the example files offer much in the way of illumination.

Any ideas what the syntax is for the settings.json file?

Clearly "port" : 3000 is the default, but I want to know what the syntax is for the ws port alone please?

I've tried obvious ones like "wsport" and "ws_port"
Maybe ask the signalk guys direct at slack?
(I am sure it was in SignalK admin-ui but can't fint it. )
You can find it in the file /home/pi/.signalk/settings.json.
Http and ws port is one and the same, they are not configurable separately without changes in code.

I am curious: why would you want to configure ws port separately?

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