Full Version: How can I use Astro Pi Sense Hat
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I'm trying to use a sense hat with it's integrated IMU and environment sensors. The IMU of the sense hat is a STM LSM9DS1 which is supportted according to the documentation.
There should be a compass tab ( But there is none.
In the I2C section I see three objects in the pulldown list (STM LSM9DS1 - 0x6A, BMP180 - 0x77, HTS221 - 0x5f).
I can add BMP180 and HTS221, but not the STM LSM9DS1. The field add/update sensor remains empty.
something wrong with my installation? What can I do?
I too am trying to set up Raspberry Pi 3+ with Sense Hat.  The calibration within the PyPilot can see the sensor for heading, pitch and roll and works ok, but I need help getting it into Signal K so that the instuments and sail gauge works etc.  Later I'll be needing help getting my old analog depth/water speed and wind speed/angle sensors working too.  I can also use a recommended USB GPS and AIS VHF dongle that will work without much trouble.  Then I think I'll have a complete chart plotter/navigation system for my 1978 Ericson 27. Thanks for any help that can save me time figuring this stuff. Smile