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does somebody know a source from where I could get a list of SignalK paths?
I know appendix B of the documentation. But I only need a list of the path strings.
Thanks in advance.
try this you will have to read the code but it is nicely written.
A very simple test to illustrate how simple it CAN (not right) be done :

 import time, socket

# Initiate socket 
sock = socket.socket(socket.AF_INET, socket.SOCK_DGRAM)
# socket.AF_INET is  Internet
# socket.SOCK_DGRAM) is  UDP

print("Trying to send values to SignalK")

while True:
    t=input("Please enter a number: ")
    x = float(t)

    SignalK='{"updates": [{"$source": "OrangePi","values":[ {"path":"OrangePi.signalK.manual","value":'+format(x,'5.3f')+'}]}]}'

    sock.sendto(SignalK, ('', 55557))
So what is the right way?
(2019-01-31, 05:10 PM)ddelorme Wrote: [ -> ]So what is the right way?

I use a simple string for the temperatures and tank monitoring, see and . This simple approach works fine.

Ole contains a keys list in json format. Install it with npm. The script that generates the list is at

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