Full Version: Install openplotter(the software) on a different OS
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Hi, Im trying to install open plotter on a different OS im building (raspbian based)
I tried to launch the python script and see where it crash untill I meet all the dependency.

it given me the following install procedure:

### packages ###

sudo apt-get install -yy python-wxtools python-requests python-pyudev python-gammu python-pip python-twython x11vnc sudo whois python-w1thermsensor python-websocket python-dateutil python-nmea2 python-spydev python-smbus;
sudo pip install paho-mqtt geomag ;
sudo apt-get install -yy  hostapd # I think this is optional

### pypilot ###

sudo apt install -yy python-gps python-serial libpython-dev python-numpy python-scipy swig python-opengl python-pip wiringpi
sudo pip install ujson
git clone
cd RTIMULib2/Linux/python
python build
sudo python install
mkdir ~/.pypilot
echo '{"host": "localhost"}' > ~/.pypilot/signalk.conf

### kplex ###


   sudo dpkg -i kplex_1.4-1_armhf.deb

   touch /home/pi/.kplex.conf

### openplotter ###
git clone ;

cd openplotter ;
mkdir -p /home/pi/.config/openplotter ;
cp -r ./*  /home/pi/.config/openplotter/ ;

cd /home/pi/.config/
git clone
cd signalk-server-node
npm install

cd /home/pi/.config/openplotter/ ;
python startup && python openplotter


This done, My problem it that it use his own install of signalk(and other tools). But I already have a global install of it.
Is there a way to ask openplotter to interact with the global install instead of his own.
Or to disable the management of signalk if I prefer to use my own. ?

At this point the project will be on hold until openplotter 2.x.x kicks in. Many of the problems I encounter Will be fixed in the next release so there is no point in putting time on this.