Full Version: Adding environment.rpi.temperature in trigger list
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Hi everyone,

I had a problem this summer, my pi temperature processor got high.

I want to add a fan to lower the temparature in the pi box.

For that i will use a relay plugged on the GPIO and swich the GPIO on 1 when CPU temp is too high.

I made some tests with a fake value (environment.inside.temperature) and it's working well with openplotter actions (define a gpio output, then a trigger then an action).

Now i want to get rpi cpu temperature.
For that i have installed a plugin on signal k serveur to monitor the cpu pi temperature who's addin a "environment.rpi.temperature" key.
i can see the value and the key in signalK diagnostic in OP.

But when i a am going to action > add trigger, i don't have the Signal K key (environment.rpi.temperature) in the list
how can i set that ?


PS: i know there is an option with red node but i'd like to manage in OP: