Full Version: Canusb data not making it to opencpn 3b+ 1.2
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I’m testing out the new 3b+ build on board this weekend.

Successfully getting nmea2000 data in signalk, can see ais targets on the example map app.

But the data isnt getting to opencpn, no position or ais data.

How do i connect opencpn to signalk ?

It is already conected, you just need to select what sentences do yo want to convert from SK enabling and selecting sentences in the "Convert Signal K to NMEA0183" SK plugin
Thanks, that sounds familiar!
Where do i find the plugin settings, a web page if i remember correctly?

your server's ip address :3000
Was still not seeing ais data in opencpn

Found that the signalk to nmea add in does not do AIS, and the AIS specific add in is still in the ‘available’ apps list
So i installed that and have ais working on the charts again , hurrah!