Full Version: OpenPlotter interview
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Hi all, here there is an interview about the project done by kplex developer. We talk about the motivations, the goals and the future of OpenPlotter:
Just read your interview Roberto and enjoyed it a lot.  I started looking at diy boat data and automation over a year ago.  One of the first systems I considered was which has some shared functionality with Op.  Then I tried freeboard server which runs nicely on a RPI.  Your project however takes the next step in providing the interface for most communication protocols which will be of tremendous help to the diy community.  I am among the many who are  not too sure how to use SK but since I am working on a wind dir sensor that is based on a hall effect chip (pics and description available) and I'm trying to understand how to utilize the data from my depth sounder, I suspect that SK will likely be useful for that.  

Thanks to you and all your team.
Thanks Pizzanova. We are working hard implementing signal k in v0.9.0 and when this is done and we can spend more time on documentation I'm sure you will be aware of the potential. The idea is that SK makes easy getting standard data from sensors and work as database to share data with apps and devices.

That wind dir sensor sounds really great, any link or info to share about it?