Full Version: Forgiveness for not responding earlier
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Sorry guys (Is there girls here? Sad ) we are sailing and we spend the few spare time we have working on v0.9.0. instead of replying on forums. We hope to catch up on September.
Go sailing and enjoy! In the end, that's what you created openplotter for Smile

We've completed our installation some weeks ago and sailed from eastern germany (baltic sea) to isle of wight in uk, next we will head to the channel islands, across the bay of biscay, to the canaries, to the cape verdes and then across the atlantic to the caribbean. we've been running openplotter for nearly 1000 miles now and it is really helpful. the only small "fault" i noticed until now is that i sometimes have to restart the nmea-service (where we get gps and ais data from) when the raspberry is running for a couple of days. but i don't know if this is a problem of openplotter or our usb-converter.

So keep up the good work and thank you very much!
Thanks txg!!!

And thanks for your useful feedback. Next time try to open openplotter in debug mode and check if there is any error message in the terminal when NMEA stops working.