Full Version: overcome XDR challenges?
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I am aware that the XDR message is not standardised and therefore not supported by Signal k

But I have environment (temp, pressure) and other data (pitch, roll, tank levels etc) available in NMEA 0183 XDR messages which are currently not getting into my system. It is possible to differentiate between the different data using a combination of talker ID and data field description.

What is the best way for me to get this valuable data into Signal k?
A generic solution to XDR is hard/complex but a specific one fairly straightforward. Several different solutions possible here:

A) create a custom hook for the nmea0183 parser. See for an example. You will have to re-add your own hook after updates that overwrite index.js

B) a plugin, published or private. nme0183 input is available in event nmea0183. Code is similar to B, with a bit of plugin scaffolding. Will not get overwritten by updates

C) node-red flow that connects to tcp port 10110 and handles your XDR, producing deltas. Your setup, so will not get overwritten. Somewhat shareable here: export/import as a single JSON file

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