Full Version: What happens if ... (SignalK)
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This question is aimed at one of the developers of Signal K

I'm working on an XDR parser and with all of the typical data (that I have access to) it works fine. It reads an XDR message, breaks it into quadruples, looks up the definition in a dictionary and writes the relevant value & signal k pairs in a Signal K json string.

But with the pitch, roll & yaw data potentially arriving in different XDR messages I don't have a way to associate the data into a single object ...

What will happens if I send deltas with only one element of the attitude object set at a time? I am assuming that the Signal K server will ignore the deltas? Hopefully it doesn't and accepts an object with one or more fields not set?

The server is mostly unaware of the schema and will happily pass along all messages.

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