Full Version: Three years with Openplotter, thanks!
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After our three year travel to Panama and back, our Dufour 35 Mila finally brought us back home to Germany. We sailed 15700nm and visited 22 countries. All the navigation was done with Openplotter on a Pi3, a 13" FHD screen (Hama picture frame with HDMI in) and sometimes a Sony Xperia Tablet with VNC.

Everything worked well and we never had any serious navigational problems. In contrast to an ordinary chart plotter, it was really handy to be able to use whatever kind of charts we could get from fellow cruisers, especially in navigationally challenging waters like the San Blas archipelago in Panama.

Thank you very much for this excellent kit of software!
An excellent endorsement!
txg, messages like yours give sense to every night spent coding and every effort invested on this project.

Hopefully we can have OpenPlotter 2 sailing soon.

I'll second the giant thank you. Three years (circumnavigation) running OP with OpenCPN as primary navigation. We generally use the following pieces/parts:

Networking (use the Pi to connect to our WiFi extender and in turn act as an AP)
Sometimes play with the various web options to display data, but not a daily usage

The rest of the many modules we don't generally use, but there are several that I am glad are there (in case I want to extend things in the future).

So, thanks again, excellent work that makes getting all of these things to work together much easier.
dsanduril, that was a valuable info to define the OpenPlotter "basics". Thanks for sharing your experience too.
thanks for experiences, it get me power to build my first system. and for me, as beginner, it would be nice to know, what for hardware you have use (models, adapters etc).
Thats great to hear and it is always good to hear experience from the past users. It boost the confidence of new users that they have selected the right place.
This is just what I want to hear. I'm building a Globe 580 sailboat and got a Raspberry Pi 400 for Christmas. Long overdue getting stuck into this because I'm a total beginner with software. Those stories are fantastic validation for all your work. Time to fire up the Pi.