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(2020-10-30, 11:17 AM)jim321 Wrote: [ -> ]how about these?

that one is working too in openplotter after latest version of openplotter-can app
(2020-10-29, 12:22 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]According to this:
"UCCB has alternative firmware for that implments the gs_usb protocol. This is supported by the mainline Linux kernel and SocketCAN. It does not require use of slcand and should be more reliable at high bitrates. For this reason, GSUSB is recommended if you are only using UCCB on Linux."

I would say GSUSB but OpenPlotter is ready for slcand and I do not know if something should be done for gsusb, maybe small adaptations. I should try gsusb before recommending that.

I received the gs_usb device - it's not working at the moment, I create a new post about it here:

First post after lurking for some time, really loving open plotter so far with NMEA 0183 but I’d like to get n2k in. 

Would the waveshare USB 485 converter work with openplotter and a Pi4? I already have a serial HAT on with a break out for multiple 1 wire sensors abs i2c so usb would be easier!

I am currently using this:

I got it to work with OpenCPN TouCAN plug-in on a Mac and now use it on SignalK on a Pi4. Works fine. Easy to follow instructions for RPi set up.

Today, however, I would go for one of the Waveshare RPi hats. Specifically this one:
(2021-04-11, 06:31 AM)Jwfrary Wrote: [ -> ]Hi

Will this work?

I have one of these too. I'll try it if I can find some time, which is not likely this week. See what I can do next week. It would be a good thing to try for the interface before I make the jump to the CAN Hat I'm dreaming of.
this works only as an NMEA0192 Interface, not for CAN aka N2K
(2021-04-15, 08:32 AM)holgerw Wrote: [ -> ]this works only as an NMEA0192 Interface, not for CAN aka N2K

For NMEA2K you need a canbus convertor in combination with Canboat SignalK application or the Toucan plugin.

Things like the Actisense NGT-1, the small Canable board, and other similar converters

This works great in combination with SignalK which also works a multiplexer. You can combine nmea183 with NMEA2K.
The Actisense NGT-1 needs a type identification, otherwise it does not work. This can be done via the Serial application of OpenPlotter which recognize the indentification of the NGT-1. Switch this to the canbus and the setting is place it in to the SignalK server.

Works in the RPI4 and on the Linux Mint AMD64.

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