Full Version: NEO-M8N Flight Controller GPS Module with On-board Compass
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has anyone looked into using these compass gps combo.? 
serial + i2c

[Image: HTB1gK9GMXzqK1RjSZFCq6zbxVXai.jpg]
I got a module with the same connections. It turned out only the IMU was I2C. The GPS was serial. I did nothing else with it.

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i am building a basic device for the dingy with a opizero and a 7'' display .
i think i'll get one and try it out .
thats how i expected it to be connected serial +i2c

i have been using just a gps opencpn & signalk on it. displayed on mobil devices, i figured while updating the display i might as well add a compass.
be sure the IMU is supported by pypilot:
i think it's a HMC5883L i have also seen 6050 on some post that i can't find would make for a clean looking build/install.
i have an extra 9255 i am going to use for now.
its an Orange pi zero so the pin map is different i'll need to look into that too..i haven't used i2c on it yet
i was looking for that page thanks