Full Version: Rudder position indicator
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This might be off topic, but has anyone come across a basic needle type rudder position indicator that actually gets information from a nmea2000 sensor?

I have a b&g rudder sensor (rf25n), which feeds the nmea2000 network.

I know I can see it on my mfd, but I wanted just a basic standalone gauge that showed my the rudder position graphically.

There are lots that are analog (0-190ohm).  Anybody come across one that reads nmea200?
If you have an old tablet around you could use that and signal K that is what I do. 
Suppose you would make something up with a standard gauge and a arduino/esp32. In fact, you can buy an ESP with a built on display. It has wifi and bluetooth, so could connect to your network. Then you just need to configure it for the NMEA2000 sentence you want.
Yes. Ideally it's something that takes the NMEA2000 sentence and translates it into a 0-190ohm resistance, so that you can then use a standard waterproof gauge...

The signal K tablet is an interesting idea too...