Full Version: [OP2] Serial GPS / OpenCPN
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I'm currently testing OP2 installed on Buster on a Pi 4 4gb. 

Got most things running well including the CAN-USB stick. 

I'm having an issue with the GPS feed from my bu-353 gps puck into OpenCPN via Signalk and the Signalk to MNEA0183

In OP2 currently serial connections must go through SignalK so I set up a new serial connection at /dev/tty0 for my GPS puck. This seems to work as the Signalk log shows GPS sentences. 

I have enabled GGA/GLL amongst other things in the Signalk to NMEA0183 plugin. I have setup OpenCPN to receive data over TCP from Localhost on port 10110. 

The diagnostic shows data coming in, yet for some reason OpenCPN is not showing that the GPS location is active nor showing it on the map. 

Is there something I've done wrong?
You do not need to convert from SK to NMEA 0183 when you are already providing NMEA 0183 data. In other words, any NMEA 0183 data sent to Signal K will be available in tcp localhost 10110 out of the box. If you use the SK to NMEA 0183 plugin you are sending the same data twice.

According to your screenshot your problem is about position fix. You have not got a position from satellites yet. You are probably inside a house, go out or approach a window and you will get position soon.
Doh! you are right. Sorry.

Hmm I wonder why it couldn't get a fix when it's in the exact same position on the boat that it has always been.

Anyway, it has starting working now. Sorry I jumped the gun.