Full Version: Adding LED panel status indicator lights
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This is a hardware electronics question. Let's say you combined pi and
all input sensors into some kind of enclosure for a cabin computer.
How do you add LED panel status indicator lights. How do you install them,
wire and which statuses you would like to see usually.
I've got various sensors, GPS, AIS, NMEA, USB hubs when all of them are hidden
in enclosure none of their status lights are visible. What are the best way to duplicate them?
Could it be done somehow without a lot of wiring? Might be some kind of fiberglass wires just
picking up light from each light and transferring it to the panel?


I've found this

How to Connect Optical Fibers to LEDs and Sensors

It would be nice if I could just somehow connect fiber optic wires to all existing LEDs inside
and transmit them to panel. Is this doable?