Full Version: panasonic cf-vdw07 connection need help
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hello i want to test old cf-vdw07 for have wireless screen i buy one for 11 euro on ebay but i don t know if it possible to hack the non free software if you have an idea work in progress
hello i have the cf-vdw07 whith me but i don t know for what i don t see the dysplay i search in first an ip adresse whith ad hoc mode have you any help for me think you
good news i create an ad-hoc network and the display is associated whith the pi now i don t found server but when i take vnc server in direct mode in the good port 11900 the display talk ilegal data i think it possible to cast but i don t know the right protocole today i want to test with export display or ssh display but i don;t know the right method work in progress if you have a good idea thinks have a good day