Full Version: Upgrade from OP1 to OP2
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I have used OP1 on PI3B+ (in fact 3 in a network), which a number of specific configuration (network - ethernet and wifi, specialisation of the different PI using OP1 to help as well as some modification of diverse config files.

As it was a evolutive process (try and error) and on board when sailing, I do not have documented and saved all the adaptations...

So I would be happy to be able to upgrade from etch to buster (OP1 to OP2) to be able to use PI4B without having to reconfigure everythning.

Ii seems not possible just to upgrade on PI3 from etch to buster (lost of graphical interface on PI3 and impossible to use on PI4.

I have tried to installĀ  openplotter-settings v2.0.16-beta on my previous installation but it work only with dependencies available on buster.

Any idea to help me to upgrade my installation without starting from scratch.

Thanks in advance.
I am afraid is impossible to do that.
Even if you are able to migrate from raspbian stretch to raspbian buster without serious issues, OP 2 is a complete rebuilt of OP 1 and they are sharing almost anything.