Full Version: Node red in OP2
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Hi, I installed nodered in openplotter v2, through the installer. To edit a new node or import ahy first to access signal K, with username (pi) and password (raspberry), if it has not been changed before.

As jim321 indicated, to enter node red admin

http: // localhost: 3000 / plugins / signalk-node-red / redAdmin

and to enter the dash

http: // localhost: 3000 / plugins / signalk-node-red / redApi / ui /

When I import a flow or copy the flow file (flows_openplotter.json), when I enter the dashboard address, it indicates that "please add some UI nodes to your flows and redeploy"

The flows_openplotter.json file is created.
any ideas? I use the same flow as previously mentioned.

Hello, after being in these days of confinement, I have returned with node-red.

I answer myself, the problem I had, and in case it serves another person.

I could not open the Dashboar, since in the flow that mattered, there were NODES that I did not have installed, and for that reason, there would be no address to load the dashboard. Once the nodes that you did not have installed are downloaded, they will work.

I think that this did not happen in the previous version, but I am not sure.