Full Version: Pinouts for pypilot keypad
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Hi Andreas,
the link is not working 404 error. I looked at it first before I posted.
Thank you
For sailing is it too cold, but the boat show in Düsseldorf starts on saturday and this year there is a booth with home made electronics..the booth was paid by donations of the SEGEL FORUM.
Hope somebody exhibits the PYPILOT.

In line 270 are only 5 pins defined, now I understand why the 7 pin is not working. I thought I had the latest image. Is there an other image or what do I need to change?
The mystery is solved. It turned out, that I was using an old image from August 2017 and dont know where I got it from....
System works, but strange errors durring boot

insmod: cant insert  */mnt/mmcblk0p2/tinypilot/modules/v7_modules/lirc_dev.ko´:invalid module format
insmod: cant insert  */mnt/mmcblk0p2/tinypilot/modules/v7_modules/lirc_rpi.ko´:invalid module format
fc-cache: error while loading shared libaries: cant open shared object file: No such file or directory

Are these messages normal?

To me it looks that some stuff is in development, but it would be nice to know.
The messages are normal about the kernel module and libharfbuzz.

It's because it has to work on armv6 (pi zero) and armv7 (pi 2 and 3) so the script loads both and the one that doesn't work prints an error. It would be nice to fix this but the warning is harmless.
would this be the correct way to wire tinypilot to work with switches

Obviously the gpio pins would be specific to the information shared above.
You don't need to use any resistors. Shorting the pins D7 and D8 to ground is all that is needed.
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