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(2020-01-17, 03:35 PM)syohana Wrote: [ -> ]After a lot of experimentation I found that 100 ohms is much to little, didn't make much difference. Eventually I found a 10k resistor gives a safe light level for night sailing with the white backlight. For dawn/dusk or with a red filter on top then a 3-5k resistor is sufficient.

I took off the original resistor from the tiny pilot board and soldered wires on instead so I can change the resistor easily.

When I can obtain one then I'll replace it with a potentiometer so I can adjust it to suit the ambient light level. I think a 20k potentiometer would give the best adjustment range, or a 10k pot might be enough with a red backlight.

Maybe you could include a 20k pot in the next iteration of the tinypilot, with an external knob? It's a really important safety consideration not to damage the crew's night vision and the cost would be minimal. If you can find 5110 screens with red LEDs too then doing both would be even better.

Remember to buy a logarithmic pot. Your eyes work also logarithmic.
the logarithmic one is a nice, but I"m pretty sure a regular pot would be ok.
(2020-01-08, 07:51 PM)seandepagnier Wrote: [ -> ]The next version of the hat has an onboard arduino which (among other tasks) can adjust the backlight brightness.   There is also a photo resistor to turn the light off if it is not needed.

Will the photoresistor still happen?  And can the Arduino vary the backlight?
yes and yes
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