Full Version: SignalK server update to 1.20
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The SignalK server updated to the latest 1.20 version. Worked within the server on my Linux 64 AMD. But on my RPI and 386 Linux system it shows an error.

.Re-install the SignalK server with the OpenPlotter menu worked. But all the settings are lost.

Now running SignalK server version 1.20 on all the 3 systems. Works well and faster.

Direct input of SignalK in OpenCPN is also a step forward.

i had to use this on my x86 build and reboot
sudo npm install -g --unsafe-perm signalk-server
No problem here. But I have nodejs version 8 installed.

Just installed the latest NPM version 6.13.6 on my RPI, 386 Linux and AMD64 Linux.

sudo npm i -g npm@latest