Full Version: OP2 UDP connection output of AIS data
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In OP1, I added a connection into the main connection table and set the IP address:port number and used a filter to control which nmea/signalk messages were passed to that connection. I've been looking around the apps, but cannot seem to find the right place to add a UDP connection to send AIS data to AISHub.

Could someone point me in the right direction of where I add these in OP2?
You have a signal k plugin to send data to AISHub
(2020-01-26, 01:20 PM)Sailoog Wrote: [ -> ]You have a signal k plugin to send data to AISHub

Cool, I thought the aisreporter plugin was just for marinetraffic and not others. I misread its description.
I installed rtl_sdr using these instructions:

It has been working really well for me with OP2. I have it outputting on port 10112 using this command in a terminal window:

rtl_ais -n -P 10112

You should be able to get it to start with the RPI start using a command in rc.local.