Full Version: OP1 on Buster
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Hi Guys,

Might be a duplicate post, if so, sorry for that.

Was just wondering, is there a way to use Openplotter 1 on Raspbian Buster on a Pi4?
I know there is an image for OP2, but it doesn't have all the features yet.

The reason for this is that I want to use memory increase and OpenGL possibilities, while keeping my old configuration and all the features that come with OP1.

So, I am planning to run an upgrade on an existing stretch to buster, then move the SD to my new Pi4.
I'll do this on a backup SD ofcourse, but was just wondering if I might run into problems.

Hope you guys can help.
... you'll have to make the jump one day, why not jump now? Smile

What 'and all the features that come with OP1.' feature do you need? Signalk has come a long way quickly and can do many things which OP1 did before. V2 very likely can do whatever you need done. Cool

An SD card from a Pi3 stretch won't work on a Pi4 anyway ...
Hehe, I know... you're totally right. It's not just Openplotter, but also a lot of work I've put into other webservers, scripts and configuration I'd rather not do again. But, if there is no way around this ofcourse it's fine to install the OP2 version and just go from there.

I've read that it is possible to upgrade an existing stretch to buster, but not without it's risks. Mainly due to boot partition size and 3rd party software liabilities. So I guess it's rather complicated to upgrade, and you'll end up with a system that cannot be maintained longterm.

Features from OP I need mostly are:

- NMEA 0183 and 2000 (canbus)
- WifiAP
- Pypilot
- Tools (ina219)
- i2c sensors (gyro, baro, humid, temperature, magnetic compass, accellero)
- Actions and GPIO (for the shutdown button)

I think that's about it... but Ill take a look at the release notes.  Tongue