Full Version: Another Wifi Question - apologies in advance
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All:  I am working on updating my RasPi onboard computer.

I have RasPi 3 that is attached to a nice 10.1" touchscreen.  I am using OpenPlotter 1.2 currently.  I have several RasPi 4's around, but the screen I have works better with the older version.  Also of note, I have plugged in a USB Wifi adapter as some note it provides a stronger signal.

I am working at home now, so I have a ethernet connection as well.

Here is my question:

I can't seem to get my RasPi to create the access point.  Using the OpenPlotter Network settings, I have defined these settings:

Network Mode:   RPi3:  AP + client
Sharing Internet Device:  wlan0            [when I select wlan1, I get an error when I click 'Apply']
Access point:  openplotter                    [I have updated the password]
Channel:  6   

So I click apply and it tells me to reboot, so I do.

After the reboot, I have an Internet connection through Ethernet.  However, when I use my phone to try to sign into the AP wifi, it doesn't appear.

As another point of information, I have successfully 'logged-in' to the RasPi through VNC, but that's through my home network ( not wifi.

Anyway, I am sure many of you can see where I have gone wrong...

Many thanks.