Full Version: How to use Pypilot in Openplotter/Opencpn
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I have built my sys chartplotter with Openplotter ans I am satisfied with all what it offer.
My raspberry is connected to my VHF to get AIS and it works nice .
I have add a MPU 9255 to make Automatic pilot working. It is reconized and I have the small screen pypilot included in opencpn. nice !!
As I had problems 2 times with my Raymarine ST7000 autopilot I and it cost me 500 €. Now it is working but for how long ???
So I want to connect Pypilot to this Raymarine autopilot for now as it can accept NMEA in. I am preparing a possibility to overtake Raymarine Pilote in case of next brekdown.
I am looking for Sean d'espagnier converter.
[Image: view?usp=sharing]
But I can't see how to use this.
Please ca someone help me.