Full Version: OpenCPN and SerialK connection Structure
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Hi Guys I'm having some issues with GPS, OpenCPN and SerialK 

My real question at this point is the connection structure. I could work the rest out from there.

GPS Serial IN (ttyS0) >> PyPilot (lower latency)
PiPilot NMEA Out >> SerialK SERVER
SerialK CLIENT >> OpenCPN NMEA (port 10110)

This should give all data (GPS, MAG and IMU) from PiPilot to SerialK and in return send all SerialK data in NMEA to OpenCPN.

Am I on the right track here. And do I need to setup connections in SerialK for each of these steps?

Thanks I think I'm getting close ??
yes you are on the right track

use serial app to connect the gps to pypilot and pypilot app to connect to SK server and you are done. You can make connections through apps.