Full Version: VNC with Vinagre on Linux only with VNC password
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I'm not sure weather it's a bug or my stupidity. It was my first time with VNC on Openplotter2 and I had problems with my Linux machines (Xubuntu on X64 and Manjaro on ARM64) to connect to VNC with the Vinagre App as in Documentation recomended.

I could connect from the Xubuntu machine with the cnv viewer.

After I changed the authentication from unix password to VNC-Passwort in the VNC Server App on Openplotter2 I could directly connect to it via vinagre.

Just an Info for anybody else hanging on this point...

If it's a real bug and needs some reproduction, just tell, i can test ist with linux systems...

edit: Btw I was comming from a "basic" install and not the headless image
edit2: I could reprouduce it with a clean install of a headless image...