Full Version: Openplotter 2 and realcnc resolution change?
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Hi, i need some professional help for my vnc connection. I am using 21” HDMI monitor at home, when i am setting up my new pi4 and now fasing a problem i do not know how to solve. My realvnc works fine, but when i send vnc to my toughbook resolution and screen size are horriple. Would you please help me for this issue, i am not ”professional” computer user, so question might be a bit silly.
Thank you guys a lot Openplotter 2 seems to be great and permanent navigation tool to me Big Grin Big Grin Heart
i think its set in boot config txt.
Thanks, will check it tonight. Great Little machine with moitesser hat, apsolutely great.
Just hope, that i can do some code by myself, but i cant Huh.
Thanks for this one.