Full Version: HAT2 case & connection questions
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Hi there!

This is my first post here. Thank you everyone for making this site, where one can learn a lot. And special thanks to Sailoog for making this happen. First, I am not new to linux and OpenCPN, but I am quite novice with raspberry-pi/raspbian and Open Plotter. Good thing is that I ordered my Moitessier HAT2, plug into my RPi4, connected my boat antenna (AIS) and everything works like a charm! But for today I have two questions:

When I get my HAT2 from Sailoog store, I didn't order the case at that time. Now things are a little weird for ordering overseas (I am based in North America right now). Does anyone know an alternative case (for RPi4+Moitessier HAT2) which would work with these settings? If it's in Amazon USA that would be great.

And another question, this one more technical. So I am preparing the electric panel in my small sailboat to welcome the RPi4. I have the 12v to 5v step-down converter, same as in
But here comes the noob question; how do I plug the 5v output to my raspberry-pi4, which comes with the usb-c plug type?? I couldn't find a cable with such characteristics in the internet. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Fair winds
Following as I am new also and these are great questions. I recently received my HAT2, no case, and have my boat in my backyard waiting to install. Thanks.
See this post on how to connect power
Thank you @SFH for pointing me to the GPIO option to power up my RPi. But I have those covered with my Moitessier HAT2 as in the pictures in

To be precise, I have the Moitessier HAT2 Part/Order number PE770010E05-UART, which comes with the HAT header J701, that (to my understanding) can only be used to draw up to 3.3V. See page 6 in

So again, if anyone can point me to other ways to power my combo (RPi4+Moitessier HAT2) that would be great, cos I am a little lost now. Actually I was following the diagram in Figure6 from
which still from the 12 to 5v goes into the RPi main power ...may I summon Mr. @mgrouch in here?

(2020-04-14, 06:35 AM)Sailabout Wrote: [ -> ]Could this help?

Thank you Sailabout! I guess that's the way to solve my problem. Unfortunately, it gets a little more complicated (to me) since the raspberry-pi4 comes with a USB-C for power supply, and that's a whole new world of connections (again, to me). I was just wondering is there was a simplify hack (amazon or alliexpress cable) to circumvent the RPi power supply in the boat: 12v -> Step-Down converter -> 5v -> USB-C connector -> RPi4.

I'll give a try in  the RPi forums. Thanks.