Full Version: Time to change to OP2 ?
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My on-the-boat OP1.2 system just started misbehaving. 
(It just lost ability to connect to any WiFi as a client and I cant find a way to restore it)

Should I continue try to fix that problem or just go ahead and start using OP2 on the boat?
I had intended to run OP1.2 this season whilst experimenting with OP2 on the bench but this system failure has forced me to make a choice.

Is OP ready to deploy on the boat ?

Is anyone running a live OP2 system on the water yet?
I know there isnt a direct migration tool but any tips on saving/using old 1.2 configuration data prior to setting it all up again in 2?

Lastly - Many thanks to Sailoog and team for their hard work

S/Y Canopus
Pretty much converting over to OP2 now myself on the boat. Been messing around with Op2 for a while at my house.

The one big thing holding me back was no MQTT via OP2 app. I decided just to install and configure Mosquitto myself.

So far it is all going well. Everything and more that worked on 1.2 is now working on 2 for me.

There was a lot less configuration needed with 2 than 1.2. The biggest change is switching all node-red flows from to the signalk version of node red, but that works flawlessly and the SK filter app is awesome.

In the end if you figured out 1.2 the 2 is going to be easy for you.
Thanks for posting, 
Ive had a look at 2 but the lack of MQTT broker was a turn off as I have 5 ESP8266 sending data via MQTT
I also cant find the Node Red dashboard any more but I guess I'll figure it out.
I have plenty of time on my hands so I'll give it a go.  Big Grin
Open signal K app and then install Node Red form the Appstore in SignalK.

New location but the same Node Red that will run your flows.

If you need MQTT you can install and configure Mosquitto.